COVID-19 Vaccine

4/18 10:45am update: Appointments for next week are open! We are continuing to allow appointments for second doses, even if you didn’t receive your first dose from us. You will notice there is a “2nd Dose” option for both Pfizer and Moderna – please schedule accordingly.


All appointments can be booked HERE. We are not able to make appointments over the phone or in person. You cannot receive the vaccine if you are sick and have active COVID-19 symptoms at the time of your appointment, or have tested positive in the past two weeks.


We do not know which manufacturer(s) we will be receiving until then, and we have no control of what we are given.


PLEASE refrain from contacting the pharmacy with questions about the vaccine as it overwhelms our phone lines and inbox. We are not able to answer questions in person. All information we have will be updated online as we receive it.


ALLERGIES: For patients with histories of severe allergic reactions to vaccines or who are allergic to polyethylene glycol or polysorbate, we kindly request that you contact your medical provider and plan to receive your vaccine at a facility equipped to handle serious medical emergencies.



Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate these unique times together, and all do our best to keep this community safe!