Dermatology And Cosmeceuticals

Whether you live in The Wood River Valley or are just visiting you know how damaging this environment can be to your skin. With the dry climate and outdoor lifestyle that defines the area, your skin is at risk for wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Although it is impossible to avoid exposure to these factors, we do have the ability to protect against further damage and even rejuvenate skin that has already begun to age. As compounding pharmacists we can customize a therapy of cosmeceutical products especially for your needs which can help your skin appear younger and healthier. We have the ability to provide both custom prescription and non-prescription products.

Such as:

• cleansers
• moisturizers
• under eye serums
• anti-aging form
• masks
• pre-peel treatments
• facial peels
• post-peel products
• skin renewal
• bleaching-lightning remedies
• acne treatments