We all have physical pain at some point in our life. Whether acute pain from a sports injury or chronic pain from cancer, it is often a challenge to control. Pain is the most common symptom for which individuals seek medical help. Compounded medications can provide personalized pain relief.

Traditional pain medications can cause stomach irritation and other side effects that are unpleasant. We can provide alternative compounded dosage forms which by-pass the stomach and may alleviate many of the side effects of other popular commercial products.

Some examples are:

• A topical gel, cream or spray form that can be applied directly to the site of the pain and absorbed through the skin.
• A custom-flavored troche that dissolves under the tongue, a nasal spray or a suppository.

Chronic pain sufferers frequently take a lot of medications. We have the ability to combine formulations and also vary the strengths of medications to allow fewer pills and customize your pain management to you as an individual. Our goal is to improve quality of life by providing relief with fewer pills and less side effects.